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Big Brown Trout

Dollar Store Flyshop- Bassmaster (Game)

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hey guys I was sitting around tying flies last weekend and started looking at all of my fly tying material. I'm sure you guys can relate, large amounts of materials with who knows how many dollars tied up in it. So I started naturally thinking of simplicity. Which led me to the idea for this game. I'm looking for about five participants or ten if there are enough people interested. If this game goes well, maybe we could play a brown trout version later in the year.

Anyway here is the rules:

1.All materials MUST come from a dollar store.

2.All players are allowed a $3 budget (tax not included)

3.Hooks are free

4. Glue/head cement are free.

5.Lead for wrapping is free.

6.Markers are free. (sharpies, prisma, etc.)

7.Thread is free, but limited to black, green, olive, brown, red, and white. (Any other colors of thread must be bought with your budget)

8.Since this is the Bass version of the game mono is free for weedguards.

9. Any materials not listed as free (i.e. Krystal flash, dubbing, holo-eyes, etc.) are not allowed.

So the game goes as this, following the rules above everyone buys their choice of materials from their local Dollar store flyshop.Once you have your items you tie whatever fly pattern you can come up with using your budgeted items and your free items (hooks, thread, mono, glue, lead, markers). Considering the nature of Dollar stores these creations might be a bit odd by the end of it :grin: . After that the goal is simply to see who can catch the largest Bass with their flies. LM, SM or Spotted. All are in play. All players must list the materials they bought (photos of supplies if possible), post a photo/name of their finished fly, and post photos of their caught fish. Since this is all for fun I hope everyone will use the honor system and be honest about supplies/catches.

This is NOT a swap, we will all tie and use our own flies.

Well if anyone is interested drop a line and we will get this underway. I was thinking the deadline for last caught fish would be August 31th.


(I will also be playing)

1. FlySmallie

2. Fishinwrench

3. Lancer09

4. ScottK


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