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Last Night's Fishing Report And….

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a new member was inducted into the Lake Taneycomo Strippers Club.

With the wind yesterday, I had absolutely no intentions on trying to fish during the day. I thought the wind might die down in the evening so I had a thought or two about doing some night fishing. Right at dark, I went out on the front porch to check the wind and decided it was still too windy to fish. I settled in for the evening watching the Olympics. Right around 8 p.m. I got a text from one of our forum members, flatbottom boy, stating that he was down at Taney and going to give the night fishing thing a try. As I was trying to text him a few tips on where to fish, how to fish, and what to fish with, I was over come with and succumbed to the urge to go. I ended up sending the last text saying, "I'll be there shortly."

Got to the water about 8:45, wadered up and headed to the chute above Trophy Run. The wind had died down considerably, there was no moon, and it was dark! Started with a white mink sculpin and worked my way from the top of the chute down to Trophy Run. Had one bite about midway down on the white. It was a lot slower than I was hoping for. Changed to an olive pine squirrel for a while and nothing. Changed back to white, picked up one fish and decided to head back up to Eric to see how he was doing. He had caught two fish on the white mink. We crossed over and headed up to and across from the boat ramp. The fishing was pretty good up there. We were getting bites on just about every drift with a lot of short strikes and picked up a couple of nice fish up there. I caught one that was pushing 18 inches. Right around 10:30, the wind started howling again making it tough to feel the bite. I cried "uncle", believe it or not, and decided to call it a night. It ended up being a pretty good night of fishing after a slow start.

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Great report Ducky.

BTW, Happy Birthday Captain Doty!!!

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Thanks Duane for inducting me properly, you have definately showed me all of what Taney has to offer this year between the ducks, trout, and crappies. I appreciate the hospitality and look forward to linking up for some more fishing/hunting when I get back next year.

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