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New Report 3/22/2014

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I had some time this morning and decided to make the drive to Crane Creek. I got to the dairy farm at about 9:00am. After rigging up I headed down the logging trail a ways before entering the creek. The creek looks great. A real nice flow and clear as a bell.

Now for the report. I didn't see a fish or have a hit until I got back to the bridge. Maybe I just figured them out, a little late. Anyway, I caught a 5 incher and then 1 that was about 12" on a tan backless scud. Not a total zero, but not as I had hoped.

As I came out of the creek I met a fellow fly fisherman who is also a member of the OAF, it was nice meeting you Chris. I hope you did better than I did on that stretch.

After talking to Chris I headed to the park to see what was happening. I saw a couple of spooky fish, but no takers. So, off to the railroad trestle. Still fishing with the same fly I managed another small fish and jumped of a decent one. By this time, about 11:00, there was a little surface activity, but not much. I re-rigged with a couple of midges below an indicator about 10" and started catching fish consistently. Tan zebra midge#16 with an olive #18 behind it. The #18 caught a few smaller fish, but the #16 caught the bigger fish. I believe today I caught more fish in the 12" to 13" range than I ever have at Crane. I probably caught 25 fish all together and at least half were in the 12" to 13" range. The key was to fish the fast shallow tailouts and bends. The fish were there. I caught zero fish in slow deeper water. I only took 1 photo today. This is the first good fish I caught.


If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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Buzz.... it was nice to meet you too and congrats on the success. Hope to see you again. I actually had only 2 bites at the lower OLD WIRE road access with no luck bringing them in. I too ended up back at the park. However, I did not have the luck you did for sure. However I did land one pretty good fish and even was able to get some video that I will be sharing soon. I stuck with some olive woolybugger patterns after catching this nice one on it right off the back which sounds like my mistake.

This was actually my biggest fish to date at Crane Creek.



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Great fish Chris. Once I started catching fish on midges I couldn't make myself change flies. I thought a few times about putting on a caddis pattern, but I'd catch another fish and just stuck with the midges. :have-a-nice-day:

If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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