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5-3-14 Report.

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post-14803-0-01368900-1399415870.jpgContinuing on with the F&F-approved hijack, I'll add today's largest four smallies. Billy McDonald is holding the four largest out of perhaps 15 to 20 fish three of us caught in Lake Erie out of Buffalo. Billy fished Beaver in the FLW event and had some interesting insights.

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post-14803-0-58378900-1399511223.jpgBasically, he thinks Beaver is a better bass lake than many think. He did well in practice, especially in the lower end, and had some success on some offshore rocks. He thought the dam end had pretty good potential for those who want to learn how to fish the clear water. His insight is probably nothing you didn't already know. We discussed Strike King baits quite a bit as the company is one of his sponsors, and he made some suggestions on things to try.

As the last hijack (of this thread anyway), I'll post these pix. I leave at zero-dark tomorrow and will probably be home in time for the storms...

The first photo is of a steelhead, and the second is of a laker. Both were caught in the Niagara River with emerald shiners for bait and 6-pound fluorocarbon leader. The hooks were very small Gammies--about #10 egg hooks.


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