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has anyone ever caught a sculpin

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a couple years ago a co worker of mine caught a sculpin on a night crawler we didnt know what the heck it was till about 6 months later when i seen a picture of one in a field and stream trout article. said that they are a favorite treat of the monsters . had i known that ....would it have been legal for one of us to hook it on and fish with it out of the trophy waters of course. they said if you use one to knock it out first(or else it would get you snaged by getting under a rock or something to that effect) then fish it like a jig around cover. just wondering if any of you have used live sculpin or minows and how well have ya done on them?

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I have caught many sculpin.. when fly fishing even.. for trout : not prehistoric catfish looking mongrels!

On more than one occasion I can remember friends of mine I am fishing with catching a sculpins too. These little buggers right live in the rocks, and it is rare to see one out of the water. If you catch one while fly fishing.. you know for a fact that your bugs are looking real and getting down to where fish eat.

I am not real good at fishing these flies though without swinging them into currents. I can't do a lot of sight fishing to them as I am color blind. The fly must be lead-eyed and swinging / stopping / swinging or I find that you do not get into true trout/sculpin eating water.

As far as the scuplins out to fish with them -- I've heard of that. But get this.. some guys strip the skin off the tail so they smell better to browns.

Which reminds me - a significant way to rig sculpins for bait-fishing :

1) get one live 3" sculpin

2) put a 1/2oz bell sinker in its mouth

3) sew its lips shut with mono

4) tie your hook up rod, then add another 6 inch free standing line to hook eye

5) tie the 2nd hook on and push this extra hook thru tail, exposing mostly hook

6) fish with medium light line paying constant attention

This technique is a goldmine for browns. It can be hard to get the hooks released, so if you do use this method - crimp the barbs of the hooks to make getting it all undone easier on the fish for release.

Sculpins.. here's a pic and some literature :


Sculpin, 2 to 4 inch (5 - 10 cm) long fish, are commonly found in streams that are kept cold by spring water. They can be found in both silty and rocky riffles and pools. They lie motionless in one spot and move in quick darting dashes. Sculpin have the ability to blend in with their surroundings, which is useful in escaping from enemies and in capturing their prey by ambush.

*Wait til you see the big picture Phil will put up.*

tight lines all - Brian

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" just once I wish a trout would wink at me "


I dont know why they couldnt wink at you.

I've had them jump in the air, do a somersault,

spit my fly out, and smile...all before they hit the water.

That's why I daily plot my revenge. :lol:

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I caught a sculpin yesterday on an olive micro jig.

I used to fish live sculpin for browns but stopped because the brown would swallow them every time. I really don't promote it for that reason.

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