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Tito Degiosio

New Colorado Forum

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First off I would like to say thank you Phil Lilley for working with me to get this up and running so fast.

I am hoping to meet alot of new people with this page, and provide as much info as I can for anyone looking to come to Colorado,

With this page I intend to provide fishing conditions,fly shop info,guide services and where to stay and where to go in western colorado,

I incourage any post that are related to Colorado and I'm sure everyone will injoy reading them as well,

within the weeks to come I will work with the local fly shops to provide the most accurate and up to date info possible

and hopefully pictures and stories to go with.

I have been making my own for the last three years and for those of you who may already know me from Missouri and Arkansas (Eleven point river)(spring river)

you know that I generally always produce pictures to boot with my fishing stories and That Fishing and Hunting is more then just a hobby to me, It is more of a way of life

and always has been.

So I would like to kick this page off with a (show me your colorado fish) and share your fishing or hunting stories with us

thanks for everyone's support and I look foward to seeing what happens

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http://waterdata.usgs.gov/co/nwis/uv?site_no=09126000 here is the first link to water flows on the Cimarron River I will continue to post links of the local water flows and start talking about the + and - of each and what to expect in a trip to these waters

currently for the little cimarron and the cimarron river conditions are High water/stained brown with lots of snow melt due to warmer temps. fish are still being caught in the upper elevations where water is a bit more clear

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The FORKS OF THE CIMARRON RIVER INCLUDE -EAST-MIDDLE-WEST :If you enjoy chasing wild fish in small rivers,this is your place to do it.

At a elevation of 9600 feet all three rivers have a high alpine setting to capture your heart. In these forks you will

find an abundance of pocket water,riffles and small pools.the hatches can be great throughout the summer.

This is the dry fly fisherman's dream.

My Recommended Gear: shorter 2 or 3 weight rods

Big Cimarron: Beginning below Silver jack reservoir this river offers several miles of uninterrupted and remote opportunities.

although this is Technically a tail-water, it doesn't fish like one.shallow dry/dropper rigs can work best during low flows but when

fishing the deeper pools or in higher flows, dead drifting a nymph will produce bigger and better quality fish. Be prepared for casting in tight quarters,

there is lots of vegetation and access is limited along the river, this river is for the one who wants to earn it.

My Recommended Gear: longer 3 to 4 weight rods

These rivers can be accessed within min's of our location and if staying with us you'll have access to 1/2 mile of private water

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This is what hides in the cimarron valley if you are willing to earn it

And I do regret keeping them but sometimes you just have to bring home some fish when you have a day like this


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Them there fishes should be good eating, with all of that nice clear moutain fresh water. They will probably taste like they were marinated in Coors Beer.

Nope Bush beer (cold as a mountain stream)smooth as its name

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