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Tito Degiosio

River Questions

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I'm starting this topic for any one who has questions on rivers and lakes here in Colorado post-9103-0-21497800-1401593146.jpg I will be glad to help with any loose ends post-9103-0-23762900-1401593259.jpg

and If I haven't fished it yet this will give me a reason to do so and in return I'll let you know what I find out first hand

so come on guys and gals from the ozarks I know you have thought of coming to colorado to fish but maybe haven't been sure on where to

go and when ,so break the ICE and lets get some discussion going on


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I am located in on the western slope in Cimarron CO. it is in Montrose county near the Gunnison county line

there are several rivers near me so I'll start with the nearest first

River: Distance: Notes:

Little Cimarron river My Back Yard Access limited, challenging but rewarding fishing

Big Cimarron River 6/10 mile Good access from-9000ft to 6500ft (5 Min to 30 min pending on where you go)

Crystal reservoir 3 miles below Morrow point Dam (10 min or less drive)

Gunnison River(PIne Creek) 15 miles Access at Pine Creek (below blue mesa dam) (15 Min drive + hike)

Black canyon/Gunnison River 19 miles G Gold Medal Waters (Below Crystal Dam) (25 Min Drive)steep curvy road,national park

Uncompahgre River 25+ miles Check Maps for access(limited due to private property) (25 Min drive to hour pending on where you go)

Gunnison river (above 149 bridge 30+/- miles ending at Blue mesa reservoir going up into Gunnison (25 Min drive to hour Pending on where you go)

Blue mesa has several feeder creeks that I did not list above they provide great fishing for both spin and fly fisherman

There are many more rivers within a hour and half of us with good fishing along the way on some more back country roads ,there is also lots of lakes withing this area that provide great

dry fly fishing and streaming

there is not enough room to list all the lakes but I can list a few better ones if interested

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I have fished that area a bit- I worked in Crawford CO (near Delta) at a ranch for a couple seasons. Beautiful area. I drove through Cimarron once or twice. Man I miss the Gunnison. What an incredible place.

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