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Report For 5/31 - 6/2

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Me and several friends rented the cabins at Kings River Outfitters for three days of floating and fishing. My friend that flew out from San Francisco and I got up early Saturday morning to see if anything was biting there at Trigger Gap. I caught 2 smallies in about 15 minutes both small (10" and 12") but I was encouraged that they seemed to be biting.

After breakfast the whole crew of 12 hit the river floating from Rockhouse to KRO at Trigger Gap. The fishing was decent early with most people in the group catching fish in the first hour or so - but most of the fish were small. The best fish of the day were three different 14 inch fish. The weather was great in the morning with increasing cloudiness and finally some gentle rain that started sometime around 2:00 and lasted for a couple hours. The bite picked up with the rain but still nothing big.

The next day we started out from Trigger Gap and headed for McMullen Farm. We had 10 in the group on Sunday with 4 leaving and 2 more arriving. Day 2 was slow by any measure. Very few small fish were caught and we fished that short section hard with everything we could think to throw at them. I thought I had a good one until I realized I had snagged a large gar. At least I had something providing resistance finally. The gar was even better than the rock that I caught about 3 minutes earlier.

On day 3 we were down to 6 in the group and didn't see another soul on the river but the solitude did not help the fishing. It had rained pretty well in the early morning and the river was slowly coming up. I don't know what effect that had on the fishing but day 3 certainly wasn't any better than day 2. The only thing I can be happy about is that I did not get blanked on any given day. Counting only smallies I caught 10, 1, and 1 on the three days respectively. I may have lead the pack on day 1 but the leader of the group on days 2 and 3 probably caught 5 or 6 each day.

Great trip. Great fun. Beautiful weather and scenery. Great hospitality from our new friends at Kings River Outfitters. Dissapointing fishing for my second trip on the Kings.




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