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Thanks And Question

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I have 4 lb P Line CX Premium on one wimpy rod to throw 1/32 oz jigs. It MIGHT catch less wind and it MIGHT throw better than 6 lb Nano, but I don't know that. Some of the time I get to thinking that mono or copoly might give the trout a little more time to flly get the jig in their mouth. With the no stretch lines, I get a hint the trout is there and jerk as hard as I can and take it away from them. My Bad.

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Add BLACK to that color mix, Dan. Black is a staple. That is all I have to add. Ham covered it perfectly.

Clay Goforth=4px>

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"Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold; the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul."

- Democritus

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I once new a guy who threw a "pinkie tuscadero", but I'm pretty sure he had some sort of mental deficiency -you ever here of a guy like that Clay it JD?

Seriously though, what Ham and Clay have said sounds good. Get a few white jigs for the winter or I'd you want to chase browns exclusively. I can't get away from 2lb test. I think the lighter line casts better and doesn't affect the jig in the water as much. It can be tougher to fight the fish, but you gotta hook 'em first lol. See what works for you and what you develope faith in. A fisherman who trusts his gear/method will be more successful than someone who doubts it.

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Yeah, I'll never forget THAT Turpin lol!!! His bro is a trout carchin' sucka though! Talking abou those cats makes me think we need to get Tracy up from Tejas for our "not really FATIGUE" weekend.

Sorry for totally hijacking this thread... And potentially causing folks to waste time listening to drivel about pinkie tuscaderos, FATIUGE weekends, and some new age-ish "have faith and catch fish" mumbo-jumbo.

But seriously, just say no to pink jigs lol...

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