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Never fished Tablerock before. Bringing my bass boat, wife and 8 year old. We're staying at a lodge on Indian Point from Sunday till Friday. I fish a lot here in Arkansas, so I'm not new, but not sure where to go there on the water. I've read some reports, but since I'm not familiar with the lake, well ya know. Can anyone help me out please ? Don't really want to wonder too far from Indian point, but can if I need too

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Just got checked in to Branson Yacht Club this evening. Will be out as early as possible in the AM. Get on the lake and be on your first spot as soon as you can see and try top waters. My favs are Spook & Redfin. Point hop on the shady side OR fish the metal seawalls around your area. I would try top waters, could be good all day if overcast, and a shaky head worm on the points and seawalls in Indian Creek. If you fish points, I would start with my boat in 20 - 25 feet and throw towards the point. Jigs, carolina rigged baby brush hogs, wobble heads, etc. These fish like green pumpkin, watermelon red, occasionally junebug. Lighter colors overall. I will be in the Yacht club area tomorrow, I have a white Champ with grey flake arrow trimmed in red. Stop and chat if you get over here. I plan on expanding over the next few days, working towards Kimberling City. Good luck, you should catch some!!!!

Don Rogers

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