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Wade Fishing At Tea Access

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I would appreciate any insight on fishing the Bourbeuse from Tea access. I will be with my fly rod and will be happy to get into Google Eye, Long Ear's and of course a few smallies! Strictly C&R for me.

Is this stretch wadeable for a good portion or should I head upstream further? Feel free to send me a pm if you do not wish to respond publicly on this forum.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Any stretch of the Bourb will end with a long deeper or at least too deep to wade pool eventually. Tea is a good area.....if you hike upstream fishing is good until you hit the deep end of a pool, then you need a boat......probally only about quarter mile upstream. If you go downstream same thing.

I would hike upstream from there.....I have in the past and have caught some nice smallies

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