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Got on the river today for a short two hours of wade-fishing in the middle stretch of the Bourbeuse*. I hadn't been on this stream much this summer, but I was glad to find it at a decent summer flow. It was clear, wadeable, and inviting. I decided to bring the fly rod this time, and a woolly bugger ticked across the bottom on the swing was a pretty good tactic. All three species of black bass were represented today, with an unfortunate emphasis on the spotted bass. The biggest was a largemouth of maybe 17 inches, pulled out of a classic, deep hole that was below a riffle and full of timber. I caught something like a dozen bass in total, which given the short trip I considered pretty decent.

Only one was a smallmouth bass. It was 7 incher that was, without question, the catch of the day (if also the smallest bass I caught.) In all, a pretty nice day on the water on a river I really do need to get on more often.

*(never mind exactly where. It wasn't private water, so you can find it on your own if you're so inclined.)

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Yeah, it's not bad. With the rain yesterday, I thought it might be high and muddy but no such concerns. If anything it's a little low, but nothing to worry about.

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