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Hunter Killer Crayfish (Pic Heavy)

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hey guys thought I would share this pattern, I'm calling it the Hunter Killer Crayfish, named because these things HUNT. So far it has proven VERY effective so I think its time to put it out there. In the water the materials really come alive. I have tied this fly in just about every color I could come up with, so far I have had best results with mottled colors and olive. For the Tutorial I decided to tie a sand colored cray but any color will work. Here is a step by step for it:

First I take a size 4 long shank Mustad 38202be . I Place a 3/16 bead head on, on this particular fly I added lead wraps to encourage jigging action.


Next I tie on the 'mouth' materials: first a bit of marabou, then 4 barred crazy legs of differing lengths, then 3 strands of krystal flash. I just use silver and color it whatever color I need with sharpies.


Then I add a ball of dubbing. this ball gives the "claws" something to rest on keeping them from flattening to much. the dubbing is just dubbing I make myself from yarn, feathers, and lazer dub.


next add a pheasant feather to each side to make claws.


now I tie in a hackle feather which matches the overall color scheme. then I dub up the body with my dubbing.


wind the hackle around, brush to the rear, whip finish and your done!


these work great on swings, slow steady strips and dead drifts.

Let the summer of Carp, begin.

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3 hours ago, tippett7 said:

Can you post a  video of tying this fly?  That would be so helpful.


BBT hasn't been around for a few years.  Dude just up and left us :(

I feel like I gave it ample opportunity, but that fly just didn't cut it for me.   Either a Stalcup Crazy Dad, and/or a Mudbug continues to successfully do 100% of my crawdad imitating work.

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My good friend Jim, "Harv" on OAF, has tied one similar since the late seventies. I still carry one in my fly box today. It is an awkward fly to fish, but has accounted for several large trout, two tiger musky, and numerous other warm water fish. 

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