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Phil Lilley

Lilleys' Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report, October 16

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underwater rainbow

Generation on Lake Taneycomo is less than it was a week ago. Right now water is  running only in the evenings for a short time, with a few exceptions. The water temperature remains at 49 degrees.

The wind earlier in the week left tons of leaves in the lake, which made fishing difficult in some areas, but they are gone for the most part. With wind and leaves comes bugs in the water, so you could key in on this when fly fishing or even spin fishing. Fishing small jigs or wet flies under a float close to the surface works well in the fall months.

Garlic scented baits have been the fad lately for trout below Fall Creek. Berkley's paste or egg Powerbait has been jumping off the shelves and is catching good numbers of rainbows off our dock and out in boats. Not sure what it is about garlic all of a sudden, but you can't argue with success. The best color has been yellow.

Night crawlers is still the bait that catches bigger trout. Either shoot air in the worm or put a floating Gulp egg on the hook ahead of the worm to suspend it off the bottom. Four-pound line is still okay to use since our water isn't as clear as it was this summer.

kyle rainbow

Below the dam wade fishing, there are still a good number of browns up around the outlets as well as rainbows. Scuds, midges and small streamers are the ticket to catching trout up there. Cracklebacks stripped fast when there's chop on the water, as well as soft hackles, are working well.  At night, PMS, leaches, Hybernators and sculpins are the top choices. Using a fly with a little red in it seems to be doing the best.

Pink Trout Magnets are catching mainly rainbows from Trout Hollow down past Lilleys' Landing, fished mid lake from four- to eight-feet deep under a float. Four-pound line is fine, but two-pound line is better.

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