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I'm Really In A Slump.

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I have a feeling Al's bad days are closer to my average ones............lol

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I also hit the river on Wednesday, first time winter fishing since my winterfishing guru passed away 13 years ago. I was fishing the ned rig for the first time and that wind was brutal trying to fish slow. Water temp was 40 when we started, did not check it again. Spent 11/2 hours in the1st hole,not even 1 bite. Came to the 2nd hole and my buddy hooked a 12" largemouth on a rogue. At the same time I hooked his twin on the ned. A double and I thought the bite was on. Wrong answer next bite was 21/2 hours later. Came to the 3rd hole and the wind died down for the first slow pass. I caught 2 16"ers and my buddy caught one the same size. We caught six smaller fish in this hole, and decided to take a 2nd pass. That darn wind came up again and we did not get a discernible bite. My buddy ended up with 7 for the day, I ended up with 12,8 on the ned and 4 on a pointer. Anyone have tips on how to fish the ned in wind? Also Al do you think the best winter holes are south or north facing bluffs,or does matter. I don't have enough experience to have an opinion, just something that popped into my head. That wind was rough, but sure beat working or sitting at home dreaming of fishing.

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