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This has been an extremely rough week for my family and I On Monday my dad passed away after a long struggle. He is defiantly in a better place now. Have spent the last couple of days making arrangements and all that has to be done. So little brother is in town and we thought we would sneak out tomorrow afternoon and spend a little time on the water in rememberance of our first and best fishing buddy. I know the day will be special no matter what but would sure like to catch a few. Not particular about what but would like to make it special if anybody might want to share suggestions on where to start I would be eternally grateful and certainly return the favor someday... Thanks in advance and say a prayer for our family

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That's just aweful. So sorry to hear this. Prayers sent for the family.

I myself would take little brother to ghelake, remember some fun times with Dad, some funny stories, some fishing memories, and cry/hug and whatever is needed. Shout. Scream if needed. Just dedicate the trip go Dad.

And if fish were caught, hold them up and salute Dad.

That's what I would do. Sounds like that's what you're planning. And I salute you for your idea and tribute.

I think F&F can get you on fish. I've seen personally this week the fish caught.

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