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Fishing Buddy Report - Feb. 10 & 11, 2015

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Two friends and I decided to escape from St. Louis for a few days of winter trout fishing, and what better place to do it than Lilley’s Landing. There is no better deal than Lilley’s Fishing Buddy special, and no better place to stay on Lake Tanycomo than Lilley’s Landing Resort.

We arrived early afternoon, Tuesday Feb. 10th. We were given Cabin #1 which was perfect for three fishermen. Three twin beds and kitchen facilities. This newly remodeled cabin is really nice, and like all of Lilley’s accomodations was neat, clean, and had everything we needed for a great stay.

We headed straight for the dam after unloading. There was no generation and when we arrived at the dam we headed for the cable. There were only three or four other fishermen in sight.

I used a gold 1/8th ounce KastMaster, while the other two used gold Super Dupers with a red tip. We fished for about an hour and between the three of us managed to catch and release over a dozen trout, all in the slot. No browns, all rainbows.

After lunch we headed for the dock to see if we could get some keepers to take home, and had no problem getting our limits. I started out with several different colors maribu jigs, and had no luck. My friends were using power bait, orange and white, and also no luck.

We then all switched to Salmon Peach power bait and within an hour all had a limit of nice, pan size rainbows. Fished a little bit in the evening at the dam and caught and released about a dozen more, all in the slot and all on various colored Kastmasters and Super Dupers. We were all using ultralites with two pound green Maxima line.

Wednesday morning they were generating two units and we headed for the dam at around eight o’clock. Just as we arrived they cut generation and the water was going down fast. Only one other fisherman in sight. Once again we caught and released about twenty trout between the three of us. All in or slightly below the slot. We fished a couple of hours with enough action to make it a good time for all.

We all continued using our ultralights, casting as far as possible across and slightly up stream. Never got out fly rods out as we didn’t see any of the guys with fly rods hooking anything. By the time we left there were about a half dozen fly fishermen at and below the outlet.

Later in the evening we returned to the dock and tried everything from jigs to lures, and different color gulp eggs with no luck. Again we switched to the Peach Salmon dough bait and again all got our limits of nice, pan sized trout.

The cold front came in Wed. night and we didn’t fish Thursday morning, but headed back home early. All in all a great get-away thanks to Phil’s generosity in giving a great break on the room. Needless to say all personnel were friendly as they always are. Thanks to all for another enjoyable winter vacation.

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Glad you had a good time. The guys have said it's been a little tough jig fishing off the dock this week. Sounds like the salmon PB is the hot bait right now!

We are in snowy Boston, MA enjoying a visit to see our new granddaughter.

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Nice report guys, I also took advantage of Phil's generous offer earlier this year and had a great time

Phil congratulations on the new granddaughter!

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