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1 hour ago, Gavin said:

Would use your next batch or two of shrimp on two other recipes from your Commander's Palace cookbook. The Nawlins BBQ Shrimp & Shrimp Hennican are very good. 


I'll check them out. Thanks. 

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5 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

I make this from a recipe my friends mom gave me.  It's the recipe from Arnaud's I think.  Blow your mind good!

I've seen a few New Orleans BBQ shrimp recipes around. Nothing BBQ about them, but they do sound really good. Not too awfully different from the etoufee I make.

BTW -- that leftover etoufee was even more delicious the second night. Same with the gumbo from a couple weeks ago.

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  Green Chili Deer Burgers,

    Fresh out of hatch chilies so I roasted and charred some jalapeños right out of the garden. Slipped off the charred skins, split open and scraped out the seeds and membranes. Still pretty hot but good flavor. Needed some fat for the lean ground deer so we bought a pork butt roast. Trimmed off the excess fat and ground it to add to the deer. Did the burgers on one side, flipped and put on the pepper then a nice thick slice of sharp cheddar,




     Plated and dressed the burgers. DSCF3342.JPG

I have a happy belly now and there will be burgers to eat all week :) ,


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