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2 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

I made this last night and it was excellent.  No pics, I was busy cooking then crushing it.  My time to brown the chicken was a lot longer than they suggest.


Coq au vin blanc Is great! Believe it or not, the Emeril recipe is excellent.

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23 hours ago, ness said:

Pretty standard process. Shanks browned in Dutch oven then set aside. Followed with onion, parsnip, carrot for a few minutes then tomato paste until slightly browned. Red wine, consommé to deglaze and off to the oven for a few hours. 


Made some mashed taters to go along with it. 




Parsnips need more love.

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10 minutes ago, MOPanfisher said:


Welp, I’m listening. I didn’t have any Cheetos 😄

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I plant turnips every year and love them.  I used to cut them into fry like pieces, roll them in a dry mix and deep fry.  My weird son thought they were the greatest thing ever.  Parsnips, there is just something about the flavor I like, slice them thin and sautee in butter until you get a little crust at the end.  I also like Jerusalem artichokes, rutabagas, not sure I have ever eaten one.  If you ever want to try somehing a bit different make turnip kraut, it is strong enough to roll your eyes back in you head but difficult to not eat some more, kind of like pickled green cherry tomatoes.

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35 minutes ago, Johnsfolly said:

Not cooking myself but thought I would share what's for dinner.

Fried oysters


Duck breast served over sweet potato puree and duck hash.


        Yummy looking meal John,

 Would of been even better if you could of shared with your tribe :( . Hang in there buddy,

The BilletHead's 

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