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Another day, another post from the blog. This one is easier than the last one.




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So, we’re cleaning things today, including the fridge. Got home tonight determined to clear out the leftovers. Chicken, pork, corn tortillas, rice, cheese, shredded cabbage, etc. 

Things were looking a little dry, so I grabbed the Pam and gave  the chicken and corn tortillas a shot before the microwave. Everything’s going good and I came to the rice. Grabbed the aerosol can and gave it a shot too. Then, the scent of lemon filled my nostrils. Oops—wrong aerosol can. 






I kid you not—I sprayed the rice with Pledge. Note the similarity in the containers. New rule here: no cleaning products in the food prep area 😄

Well, that was the only casualty. The leftover leftovers were ok. 


Oh, and I got some taco holder things a few days ago that I want to show off 😄

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Here’s a couple recent meals. A zucchini, onion, chicken and corn skillet. Gotta admit I didn’t have high hopes for this but the combination was pretty good. 1 skillet is a plus.


Pork tenderloin with roasted potatoes and bright green pearls of flavor. Tenderloin with a bunch of my BBQ rub, started on the cook top and finished in the oven. 


Picked up some prosciutto at Costco. Much better than the stuff at our local store, and cheaper too.


Finally getting some good melons, so


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Be a while before I have any melons of any kind, got a late start on those. There's one muskmelon I've been eyeing  for a week.  Not getting any bigger but doesn't smell ripe either. The rest are about size.    

No much happening here.   Had take out 🍔  last night.  Pub 🍕  tonight. 


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3 hours ago, Fish24/7 said:

If it's  Mediterranean I'm in😋

Much of what I prepare is based on cuisine from that area. Many of the blog entries show this.


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