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            A stir fry,

  A choice of ours ingredients and a spicy sauce off of internet. Came together fine and served over rice. Started out with onions, sweet bell peppers and celery. Got that all hot in a dash of goose fat. Hot and crunchy!thumbnail_0322201351.jpg  Stirred it around a bit. thumbnail_0322201352.jpg Then added thinly sliced sous vide venison backstrap . I had done a batch of five at once in bags . Then frozen for just whatever.thumbnail_0322201352a.jpg  Stirred it some to warm up the venison. Added the sauce and finished when thickened.thumbnail_0322201354a.jpg      Plated over rice.thumbnail_0322201359.jpg

          Good. Will retain and use the sauce recipe again and again.

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I believe I have mentioned Nueskes before. If not, I should have. The wife and I buy our bacon, our brats, and our dogs from them. https://www.nueskes.com/?sc=PPCBRANDED&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmdzzBRC7ARIsANdqRRkzA3kVbEbi59pOWfK68JHhXlIsczYKTlcISA_Nfiv4lizL5ZxfeX4aAiSAEALw_wcB

Tonight I will make a fried potatoes, bacon, and cabbage dish. Similar to colcannon but with fried potatoes instead of mashed potatoes.

I mentioned Nueskes because I wanted you to see  what their applewood smoked slab bacon look like.



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3 hours ago, Gavin said:

Might be dead next week, but first I’m gonna make these pork chops!


         Ditto what Snagged said and would you turn over that #6 skillet with the bacon so I can peek at the underside? :) 

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