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another great bill (sarcsm) goes to committee in Mo House

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This could make access to many rivers difficult to impossible. wade fishing or going on gravel bars could be trespassing. Here is a link to this gem http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.house.mo.gov%2Fbilltracking%2Fbills151%2Fbillpdf%2Fintro%2FHB0955I.PDF&h=sAQF4Gz67&s=1




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Yes you are correct Jim....obviously  there is an interest group powerful  enough  and in the right ears enough  that this keeps coming  back.....The only thing I can say is be a th

Just read another report that it may die in committee, but I am keeping my eye on this one.

The Republicans happen to be the party in power, but both parties like to have the fox guarding the henhouse when it comes to committees where they are mostly against the stuff the committee is suppos

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Already put in an email and a call to my district rep about this as well as emails to our senators. As i said in another forum thread, this sounds like the personal interests of a small group of people and will in no way benefit the huge majority of people who enjoy Missouri's waterways and resources in general.

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Contacted my State Rep. Think he already has me on ignore. Here is a link to look up your rep, and oppose HB 955 the hearing is to be Monday March 9, 2015 in Jefferson City.



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I'm glad you posted about this here, Brian. I posted about it in Smallmouth Talk, and it has four of five pages of replies so far. Thought about putting it here, but I've been sort of dominating the Conservation Issues forum and figured the smallmouth guys would jump all over it. Worked out for the best, because now it is in both places. Thanks.

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