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Personal best rainbow from the Norfork

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Caught this gal last week near the confluence. She was 26" and weighed 7.75lbs on my hand scale. Took 41 minutes to get her to the net as I was using 6x tippet. Caught a few other nice ones on the tri

Makes you wonder, huh?

They work really well dead drifted under an indicator on the shallow shoals (just over ankle deep). It's amazing how shallow trout can hold and you don't see them.

WHOA!!!!! That is a huge rainbow. Congratulations! The Norfork holds some monster fish. That Cutty is B-E-A-UTIFUL too.

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wow great fish, are cuttys common at Norfork?

Not uncommon. They just don't do all that well in the river. I think they rely on bug hatches too much. Larger ones are less common.

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