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Beaver Lake & White River Current Conditions 3-30-15

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Beaver is into flood pool by a few inches at 1,120.76ft

There is a typical generation schedule, running 7,000cfs for 4-6hrs once daily.



USGS Gauge at Wyman Rd:

Gage Height, feet 4.21

Discharge, cubic feet per second: 683

Water Temp: 58 degrees

Turbidity: 17


West Fork White River east of Fayetteville, AR

Gage height, feet 4.62

Discharge, cubic feet per second: 259

Temperature, water, degrees Celsius: 13.9

Turbidity: 14


War Eagle Creek near Hindsville, AR


Beaver is backing up slowly now that the rivers have fallen into normal ranges.

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Just at 11.5 inches in our rain gauge now since Friday night. Incredible storm on top of saturated ground. Old Prairie Creek Rd was just barely passable in a 4wd truck at late afternoon yesterday. Water is over the road in 3 spots, and large gravel washes are over the road too. 

Sure glad we live on a hill, but I feel for anyone that has suffered damage from the rain or flooding.

Those FLW guys got lucky with the weather for the most part yesterday, but they've still had to fish in some pretty darn challenging conditions. Hats off to them for fighting through it all.

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White River is barely trickling in most places.  This fall has been even drier than last fall.  The soil in fields around here is powder dry.  Looks like 2006 all over again.  Will we see the Monte Ne Amphitheater again soon?

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