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State record rainbow trout caught Saturday

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A Sallisaw Middle School teacher and self-taught fly fisherman likely is holder of the new state-record rainbow trout for Oklahoma — and it is an accidental fish at that.

Paul Glover coaxed the big fish to the shore of the Lower Illinois River on Saturday morning using a relatively spindly 5-weight fly rod and 2-pound-test leader. The fish, 29 3/16 inches long with a girth of 16 9/16 inches, weighed a whopping 11 pounds 4.32 ounces according to the angler’s signed and witnessed affidavit.

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Caught a 24 inch female in the "trophy" area downstream from the Watts walk-in access yesterday evening. Not as big as the record fish, but a heckuva lot prettier. Fins and tail were in perfect shape! What's even better -- there was another one just as big sitting next to her when I caught her. Not sure if they stocked some big ones recently or if these are holdovers. I'd post a pic if I knew how to get it on this page from my old dumbphone. I texted a pic to my sis-n-law and had her post it to my Facebook page. If anyone knows how I can get it from FB to here, let me know and I'll post the pic!


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I have caught some really nice fish the past couple months. I hope that they are holdovers that have benefited from the min. release. I have watched some really decent fish cruising. All they have to learn is not to eat powerbait and they have a chance to get bigger.

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