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Tenkiller is Pretty Awesome

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CajunAngler and I took our annual Spring trip this year to Tenkiller. We fished from 4/19 thru 4/23.

I wanted to see if the the stories of plus sized smallies were true. Well... They are true. In spades.

The lake is flat full of fish and if you are willing to put you time in and can fish TR or BSL, you'll catch them at Tenkiller.

We put over 400 fish in the five days we fished and had a handful of smallies over 18 inches every day.

CajunAngler had the big Smallie of the trip. 19 1/2 inches. She was obese. 4lb 12 oz on a digital scale.

We caught Smallies, Spots, LMB, Drum, Channel Cats, A Blue Cat, White Bass, a Black Crappie, and a Green Sunfish.

We mostly caught smallies. Supposedly, the lake has largemouth bass. We never found them. The lake is full of Spotted Bass. In Oklahoma, there is no limit of Spotted Bass and NO minimum length. They value White Bass above Spots. How can this be? The little Spots are hanging in there despite the best efforts to wipe them out.

It is also full of White Bass, crappie, and catfish.

We had an outstanding trip. I suspect that we will return. I know I want to do so.

We stayed at Cookson Store and Cabins. Their phone number is 918-457-5171. Reasonable rates and a good spot for fishermen. Close to lots of boat ramps. I recommend them and I'd stay there again.

I appreciate the help and encouragement from TrophyFishR. He knows the lake better than I ever will. and as always I appreciate CajunAngler setting things up. I mostly just show up and fish. We split expenses, but he does more of the heavy lifting prior to us getting there. Thanks Man!

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Rick, you ought to take the Boys. We caught Channel cats everyday on bass lures. What would cut bait do? We got White Bass everyday on bass lures. What happens if you really fished for them?

And oh My Goodness the smallies.

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Sounds like an awesome lake. I think they did an MFL show on Tenkiller and they were getting quite a few Largemouth, but I may have that wrong. Anyway, It would be tough to fish for the LM's with the smallies biting like they were for you.

Did you throw the Ned at them?

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