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Short Streamer Report

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Ok, so I'm impressed. When you guys are talking Current what part are you referring to?

Going to hit Montauk next week and love stripping Cracklebacks and Wooly's make me happy happy happy.

Not sure how specific you want. In a general sense, I have full confidence that all of these pictures were taken in the Blue Ribbon section. In a (slightly) more specific sense, based on the fact that the majority of anglers seem to think the river goes underground about a half mile below Baptist Camp (only to resurface as a smallie stream 20 miles later) , I will pretty safely assume that said anglers started fishing at either Baptist Camp or Tan Vat.

I'll also say that the idea of a "secret spot" (even a secret pool, riffle, or run) on a place like the upper Current is silly. Every trout you catch (besides those 8 inch browns) will have seen a whole bunch of flies. Might as well accept that, and it's okay because they're somehow still stupid enough to eat a fuzzy orange glow bug more often than not.

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That is all

Wow, where do you get those little miniature 6" fishing nets? Michaels? Hobby Lobby? :XD:

Beautiful Fish

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