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Montauk Saturday 5/23

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Drove down to spend the day fishing with my daughter and her friend. Got to the park around 7:30 and found them at the road hole by the new fish cleaning station. They each had three nice fish caught on salmon colored power bait. I caught one with a "Bumble Bee Rooster Tail" then nothing, so I guess all of the "Stockers" had been cleaned out. We we moved over to the submerged road hole by the bridge. Caught two more on nice ones using a "John Deere" and a "Bed Spread". Went to breakfast at the lodge after I switched to the fly rod. From 10:00 to 6:30 I caught two more fish. One on a Green Crackle Back and the other on a BHCJ. There were plenty of fish in the stream but they weren't hungry. I only saw a couple fisherman having success with spinning rods but I couldn't tell what they were using. What ever it was they were using floats. I threw everything that I had at them from my trout park boxes. Every fish that I caught all day were caught on something different so I wasted a lot of time beating the water unsuccessfully.

Still and enjoyable day all and all. The water was a little green due to all of the rain which is usually a good thing.


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