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Orvis Clearwater

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Has anyone ever used an Orvis Clearwater? Thinking about buying one for my main rod and using my current as an extra as its only a Shakespeare 5wt 8' with a Martin 65 reel. I was thinking about getting a Clearwater 4wt outfit that is 8'6 with 4wt line. Also, would it be worth the $45 to get it customized? Any info appreciated.

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The rod is a great size of any of the MO trout parks and most of the smaller stream to fish for trout. You can get a NEW Orvis Recon same size for a bout $425, try to get the person down on the price.

As for the reel, I'm not big on the old school reels. But if you need something to just hold your fly line, it will work. Also, $20 is on the high side for that reel.



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