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Fathers Day outing

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Decided to load up the boat and take my son to the LIR for a little striper fishing. We started out with our light action spinning rods spooled with 4lb test line. I was casting a 3/32 white PJ's and my son was throwing a spinner. It wasn't no time till I hooked up on a couple and let him have the rod right away. After listening to the drag sing and watching these fish put a whooping on my son, he finally landed them. post-17702-0-87974300-1434993610_thumb.j. We decided to put the light tackle away and go after some shad. After we caught what we thought was enough, we headed back up river and made are drifts. I used my salmon rod and began pitching shad up on the bank. Wasn't long and I hooked up. Started to give my son the pole, but realized this one might be a little more than he can handle. I finally got the fish of the bank and out in the middle of the river. That's when the fight began. I fought him for a bit till we finally got his head in the net. Right at 30 inches. post-17702-0-67920400-1434993899_thumb.j They get a lot bigger in this river, but it was a great start to my season. It's amazing the strength that these fish have. We made a few more drifts and ended up with 11 before we ran out of shad. So we decided to call it. They averaged in the 6-8 lb range. I got a lot of enjoyment watching these fish put a beat down on my son. They wore him out. All in all it was a great Fathers Day.

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