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Trip Report 6-27 / 6-28

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Had a Great float this weekend. AMAZING weather for the last of June. A little rain hit the area on Friday / Friday night, so we had rising water on Saturday 6/27. Kelly's crossing showed 12.2 Friday and it rose to ~12.55 on Saturday by about 1:00 or so then started dropping. Because of the flow, we floated Snow to Kelly's. Creek had a murky stain and was flowing well. Quite a few rapids along the way (more than I expected) So much so saw a fellow fisherman / kayaker take a spill over one stretch.

Fishing was good- a buddy and I caught ~20 a piece, 2/3 small mouth with about 1/2 in the 12-16" range. Also caught a few rock bass, goggle eye and punkin seeds. The smallies in this creek have an attitude! We did really well on the rising water, but as things leveled off and started to drop we did not have as much luck. So many spots we had to float by because of the flow, and no real place to stop when you are battling current and trees.

Sunday the water was on the drop the entire way. Water was stained, but clearing. Flow was less, water was down 3-4 inches but it made a big difference- was at ~1000cfs, down from 1100 or so the day before. So I would say about 10% less flow :). Fishing was tougher, caught about 15 a piece, but more punkin seeds and smaller small mouth. Definitely a harder time fishing on the drop. If anyone has some advice I/m all ears!

Most nice fish caught Saturday were on a rebel craw pulling it down current. Also caught a few on the NED and jerk baits. Could not get anything on top water, flukes, or soft craws. Did catch a few punkin seeds on a wart.

Great time- "I'll be back"


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