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Mark. I'll be going in late June, not July. My bad. I realize that the summer months aren't the best months for fishing. I'm floating with a group of cavers. My wife and I were invited to tag along, so it isn't a "real" fishing trip. I never miss a chance for a float on a different river. I also, never miss a chance to wet a line. I'm not sure what section I'm floating, yet. I realize that trout is king, on the 11 pt. I'm hoping to get into some smallies. But, I'll fish for anything. I appreciate any water, regardless of the bite. What sections arethe best for smallies? Maybe, I'll get lucky and float one of those.

Mark, I fogot to tell you. Yes, It'll be my first float, on the 11PT. Like I said in my last reply. I'm tagging along. So, the date and section of the river will not be my call. I've been with them before, they usually float past alot of good water, and stop at the poor fishing site. Against my wife's wishes we usually have to play catch up. It's hard for me not to cast to every likely spot.


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HA. I'm betting once you float it, it won't be your last time. Simply stated - The Most Beautiful Float in Missouri.

I would imagine that White's Creek Cave would be on their agenda. About a 2 mile hike from the river (White's Creek Float Camp is clearly marked on maps). Easily can hike into it at least a 1/4 mile. Stalagmites and stalagtites - although closed certain times of the year for bats habitat. AWESOME PLACE. I've found arrowheads in the area, and some history readings have identified Whites Creek Cave as a home to a substantial Native American colony.

Let us know when you get more details and I'm sure the gang on here will give you plenty of good advice.

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