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Bill Babler

Fishing Report

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Have been keeping a close eye on both Bill Beck and SKMO, Beck out for pay and SKMO out for play. He has a diesease called fishbitus. I think alot of us have milder cases, but with SKMO it's terminal.

Reports coming from Perkins Hollow to about Big Creek indicate a pretty good to excellent bite on a Bill Norman fleck or purple and white rogue, fished in main lake pockets on transitions banks. SHALLOW!!!!

Also a fairly good jig bite is coming shallow in these same locations if wood is present. Quality fish most all being largemouth. SHALLOW!!!!!!

Deep fish are still present in the major coves if you can find the shad. They seem to have shallowed up to the 40 ft. level, with lake temps ranging from 43 to 46 degrees. Very tough to find.

The James River arm, Kimberling, Dam including Long Creek seem to be laging somewhat behind with really extremely poor results both on deep fish and on stickbait fish.

These larger bodys of water, not including the James and Long Creek have lots more hidey holes and seem not to keep up with the White River arm this time of year.

Would love any info on Long Creek as I have not been getting as much play on this area. Yesterday report on the James was double bad.

Can't get really specific on where the major bite is but I will tell you its going on. You can pretty much look at this post and see the area I have deleted and figure out that may be it.

There is as good a rogue bite as about your going to get EXTREMELY SHALLOW!!!!! in this White River area. 5 reports in the last two days with 1/2 day trips weighing their best 5 bass at 16 to 22 lbs. Not lots of shorts and almost all blacks with quality fish on the suspending stickbaits. SHALLOW!!!

If SKMO wants to be more specific on location thats fine, but you didn't hear it from me.

You should have the depth pretty much down.

Guys, they are out there and now is the time to shop if you don't like the isle your on, start looking down different isle's. You will find them if you look.

Stickbait article still coming, however SK hit it pretty good.

Now is the time to catch 4lb. to gosh nows how big get after em!

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Great report from Billy B as usual, assimilated from a variety of quality sources, least of which being myself as I sure pounded mud 3 trips in a row a couple weeks ago. But might have some momentum going again.

Hints: Stickbait as Bill indicated. Some shade of purple on top of the stick seems to get attention, as do slimmer baits like the ol' classic Rogue, (in preference to my love affair with the Pointer 100 the last couple years.) This gal has (pointer) has given much attention to my dance card the last few years but it is Ms Rogue for me for now. Not sure why the plumper EASIER to throw pointers don't work for me, but they are not.

My #2 pattern, which some days is #1, is pitching jigs around laydowns. Not too far off main lake channel. Main lake gravel pockets with some wood, or just inside coves. 1/4 or 3/8 oz jig with twin trailer in some shade of green or brown. Water must have some discolor as I do not have any confidence in this in clear water. In dingy water there are some nice fish that park under laydowns in 2-8' of water. This is a mid-day to afternoon bite for sure and works best when the sun shines. Pitch the jig on top of a log, let it fall of and work it out to the tip of the tree.

This is a real good time to be out for bigger fish. Maybe a bite or so per hour but is actually uncommon to catch a short fish.

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Now you have me wanting to get out. I have some Fishing the Ozarks classes this weekend and hopefully I will learn something from them and get out next week. This going from Waders to Bass Boat is a big step for me. I am trying to teach and old dog new tricks. Great reports and thanks for the information on what is happening on Table Rock Lake.

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Gary, always great to hear from guys like you. SK and I will keep pumping out Table Rock stuff, but in the long run it's all on the reader to get out there and put into play what were talking about.

I promise you we will keep it commin! Good Luck.

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