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Bass Report 9/3, 9/4

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within a couple miles of Theodosia both days.

WT 83 early ,87 late in the day

stained , 3' vis

Thursday I fished from 8:30 to noon. After about an hour of searching I found some bass chasing shad on a big flat. They bit a swim jig, shallow.  After that I quickly  pulled out a little deeper, 8-12' and I got bit on a crankbait series 3 strike king. Had 4 keeper lmb on the jig, they were decent 3lb class fish. A couple 14" spots cranking ,and several short smallies too. 

Today I fished from 4-7:30pm. Fished the same place as yesterday. Nothing happening shallow in the late afternoon except for a 13" spot on a jig so I moved out into 20-22' and cranked the middle zone and got bit on a series 4 strike king. Had 2 lmb in the 3lb class , a 14" spot, and 3 little spots banging brush with the crankbait. As the sun was setting I was waking a squarebill through the tops of deeper bushes and caught this on my last cast!



threw everything back :)

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nice report you always seem to be on em fish, may head up that direction thursday cant buy any keeper blacks in the midlake mostly smallies and some 12 to 14 inch spots thrown in.

I've spent the last 15  years learning how to fish Bull Shoals. 

For sure the hardest lake I've ever fished in my life! 

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