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Circle B to Two Rivers Sept 19th

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My 12 year old Son, My brother from Memphis and I floated this section Saturday. It was our 1st time on the Jacks Fork.  Wow what a beautiful river! I hated to leave and would go back tomorrow given the opportunity.  We took almost 7 hours to float to two rivers which as I understand it is a long time to float that section (?) The water was a bit low. We dragged (kayaks) in a few spots and had to walk in one place due to a fallen tree but the river moved along better than I expected for September.  We spent A LOT of time fishing the first few miles.  Lots of willing smallies and gogleye caught mainly on finesse worms and Neds.  After I hooked myself (deeply) and performed riverside surgery we figured we should paddle the remaining miles before the sun left us for the day. The weather was perfect, the fishing was steady, scenery beautiful, remote and peaceful. Hopefully I'll make it back and do that section and float it in 2 days which should allow us to fish as much as we want. It was hard paddling past great looking water. 

The fish in the picture was caught under the hwy 19 bridge. It was the first of the day. 


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Very nice fish! I also was floating the Jacks Fork this past weekend! I didnt fish while my wife and her parents were floating because I knew I'd be paddling. I wade fished the Ally Springs camp ground and caught this nice smallie! One of the biggest smallmouths that I have caught!




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The Eminence to Two Rivers section is the best fishing in my opinion and generally less crowded. Even on a summer Saturday, it isn't too bad if you get out a bit early or a bit late. 

It is tempting to paddle the last bit after being out that long but the river from Shawnee Creek to Two Rivers has always produced a lot of big fish for our group. I've caught some pigs right in front of the store there. 

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