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Not sure what type of input you are looking for. I have two, and love them. I went from a $100 unit to them so needless to say it's a big Improvement. 

I love the detail on the gps. Being able to see one foot contour lines has changed the way I fish. 

The detail on the chirp is excellent as well. It's the first time I've been able to drop a bait to a visible fish on screen and catch it. 

That being said, you ride along with someone who has a 10" Lowrance and it makes you feel a little inadequate. Lol 

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Driving along it keeps up just fine for me. There is a lag if you push the cursor off the screen to look somewhere else, or if you zoom in or out.  I can't compare it to other gps units as I do not have much experience with other comparable models. 

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