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Dead Trout

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While fly fishing last Monday, myself and my brother both witnessed several Trout float by belly up below the boat ramp near the far end below the foot path. We had seen about a half a dozen drift by. I can only suspect that they we caught, probably over played & released without being revived. If this is the case, and to those that may not know, PLEASE DON'T just remove your fly and toss 'em back like you would a Bass "per say", but keep them at hand/net & upright until they pass enough O2 through their gills and are able to swim off on their own. It's pretty discouraging to be standing there fishing all the while and see these lifeless Trout drift by right in front of you when it's too late to do anything about it. Please  be mindful and responsible to the well being of the Trout.


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 I have found quite a few dead ones this year, too, as have anyone else paying attention.

The numbers seem to be about the same amount as I remember,  as there have been in previous years that I've fished Taney.

Always more dead ones in the fall.

I haven't found a really fresh one yet.

Maybe if I was there more often.

I wonder how many of the fish that people take the time to revive. And let swim away on their own, end up belly up at a later time.

I have seen many fish, I have had great confidence in was fully revived, swim off, to set at bottom, upright and facing into the current.

 Later wondering if it had truly survived.

I know most do, survive.  I wonder how many do not.




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i hate that any fish gets "wasted" that way, BUT Taney isn't hurtng in terms of numbers of fish AND crawfish and turtles will clean up the mess. I'm not disagreeing AT ALL that we need to be good stewards of the resource and ppl should do the right thing just trying to put it in perspective ; I tend to be overly tender hearted.

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Sometimes there isn't an option to do the right thing. I'm not saying that this is what happened to the fish in Taney nor am I trying to start a fly versus spin fishing discussion, but I have recovered dead sublegal length fish in the Current that had gill damage due to being hooked deeply possibly from small spinnerbaits, e.g., roostertails. Since you can't risk being cited for keeping a short fish, they get released and just don't recover. As Ham mentioned, these fish will be cleaned up over time.

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