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2015/2016 Winter Fly Swap

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Hello all... the cold of winter is kicking in and hopefully will allow time for some fly tying.   This year's theme is a trout fly that you designed and named.  The total fly count will be based on number of tiers to include you (tiers - two each for 6 or less tiers...or...one each for seven or more...plus one additional fly).  We will keep the window open until end of Jan with flies due end of Feb.  So I'm going to try something new this year for fun.  If Phil is ok with it and can support... I'm going to send one set of two of each fly to him.  Hopefully, Phil and his staff will try them out and declare the best overall fly. 

My general rules:

  1. Don't ship until the shipping dates (First week in Mar)
  2. Be on time, but things happen.  Communicate issues. 
  3. Ship with a fully funded return envelope/box or six dollars
  4. Put a name tag on each fly.  This helps me keep them all straight. 


Sign ups:

  1. MIC - Midge's Wet Dream
  2. Lancer09 - Hoppers - Done Ready to Ship
  3. DaddyO - Hair and Copper recived 
  4. Nick Williams - A$$ Kicker Recived 
  5. Mike H - TBD recived 
  6. Jtram - Chub Killer recived 
  7. Buzz - Half A$$ Scud - Done ready to ship recived 
  8. Kayser - TBD recived 
  9. Ness - Not so individual Pheasant Tail (LOL)


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I need to clarify above, reference a question I received.  One does not have to build a fly from scratch.  You are more than welcome to modify, correction improve :) an existing pattern in a way that you thought of. 

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I'll give it a try. My first. Fly name: Half A$$ed Scud. I hope the name doesn't offend anyone.

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I'll give it a shot. Fly TBD. 

And is Phil going to try them on just  trout, or all species? Might change what I tie based on that. 

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