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How high will she go?

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Lake is currently 1129.64 according to the Corp of Engineers app I have for Beaver Lake. It's risen from 1126.? something since early today. That's almost 3 ft total rise in less than 2 4hrs and still climbing witH all gates open at 5ft. That's a TON of water flowing inot the lake considerING they are releasing over 52k cuft per min.  Billions of gallons.


It's like watching the national debt....

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In case you thought you were on fish for the Polar Bear, guess what.....that spot is not there now.....

For all those who wanted to get rid of some shad...there they go....

I am worried about RPS and all the fine people on Holiday Island, if anyone has pics or news on Holiday Island please post.

I don't think the gates have ever been open this wide.


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