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2016 Garden Thread

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Well we still have a cherry tomato plant on our porch. With the warm weather this plant thought it was still summer. We have a couple of flowers still on the plant so may get a couple more if we don't get frost (possibly Sat.).



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        Yep we still have blooms and tiny peppers on our plants. We picked over fifty assorted peppers yesterday preparing for the big first freeze. I will babysit the lettuce but the pepper plants can meet their demise this weekend! I will do a walk around the garden and thank each plant for what they gave us :). Going to take the rosemary out of their pots too, put in the ground and see if I get lucky enough to overwinter them.


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   Last of the lettuce,

    Tired of babysitting the stuff and really not sure even sure covered if any would of survived these next two nights. Picked and cleaned it up. Took a drive at nineteen degrees and shared with a couple of neighborhood older folks. Funny look on their faces when we told them it was picked fresh today.




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