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2016 Garden Thread

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I brought all my stuff upstairs and jury-rigged my lights under a card table so I could accommodate the height. What a pain.

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     Nice mess you have there Ness :)

Ok I have had enough with the plants indoors. The light table had become too dangerous and was about ready to go over being balanced on buckets and boards. Transferred the plants outside on the porch. Some of the tomato plants have made it to 28 inches from the top of the pots. These buckets are taller than standard five gallon ones. Please someone kick my rear is I want to plant seeds too early!

DSCF0846 - Copy.JPG

Just had to try and get some maters in the ground. I dug a trench with post hole diggers and laid most of the plant horizontal in the trench, then  gave the stem a gentle sweep to the surface leaving just 25 percent of the plant above the surface. Now I have a bed of black krim going. Short enough that buckets can cover a couple of weeks in case of a frost,

DSCF0838 - Copy.JPG

DSCF0840 - Copy.JPG

  Lettuce still growing like gangbusters,

DSCF0841 - Copy.JPG

  Went ahead a put in a couple of peppers too,

DSCF0842 - Copy.JPG

Finally a skink giving a pose

DSCF0844 - Copy.JPG



DSCF0845 - Copy.JPG

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Always a good feeling to finally get your babies in the ground!

Got my onions, shallots and about half my lettuce plants in the ground over the weekend. Such a busy weekend that I didn't even consider putting out the maters and peppers. They're doing fine in their new bigger pots under my jury-rigged light system in the kitchen. They've been hardened off and all look healthy. But I'm ready to get that mess put away! If I can get a halfway decent looking forecast for the next week or so, I'll try to get some stuff moved out this week. I've got hoops up and plastic ready if I need it. Never again will I follow BilletHead's lead and plant in early January. :D Seriously, I got such a late start last year I was overly anxious to get it right this year and went too far the other direction. Part of the issues is now I'm pre-sprouting peppers and maters in baggies on heat mats, and that takes a week or two out of the equation.

Getting some asparagus from my small plot, and found 8 morels yesterday without trying too hard at a completely new spot.

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