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Big and Small Flies . . . Not much in between.

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I don't tie a lot of flies but  #14-#16 zebra midges are one fly that I tie a fish with a bunch.  I've had really good success catching numbers and better sized fish with these.  I'll tie them in all sorts of combinations of black or red with silver, gold and copper wire and bead heads.  This is my go to fly when I'm getting skunked on Beaver Tailwater - it almost always produces.

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I have tried a lot of New thongs and sizes and patterns over the last year. it seems that mid sized flies 14-18 work the majority of the time. however I have tied some pheasant tails on 16 hooks but tied them skinnier and shorter on the hook and had good luck. helps with the profile as well as hook set. in dries , love 14 elk hair for riffles but definitely go smaller on may fly patterns,. 16 Adams kill too though. I like the idea of no slip knots I may have to try this.

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