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Phil Lilley

Trout were hungry today on Taney....

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Boated to Lookout about 1:30 pm and got out with only my Muck boots on.  Fished the back side using a #14 hot pink Copper John under a float and caught a half dozen rainbows.  Tied on a #14 ice gray scud and it was on.  Brought 14 more rainbows to hand.  

Walked up to the top of the island where the water splits and started throwing the scud there.  Fishing in less than 12 inches of water, caught a dozen small "silver bullets".  Got bored and really wanted to throw a black wooly bugger so I switched.  Still working the fast, shallow water at the top, those trout were slamming at the fly, mostly out of the water.  I had to hold it still just so they could try for it 2 or 3 times before getting a hold of it.

It was a bite every cast and 20+ more rainbows to hand.  I could have stayed there the rest of the day and caught them.  Crazy.  The deeper I'd throw out and worked down, the bigger the rainbows.  

Back to the boat, I motored to the top of the backside of the island and threw a small anchor out.  Stayed close to the mud bank and worked the pockets as I drifted down slowly.  This is where I caught the good rainbows- several in the 17 inch range.  I threw a 3/32nd oz mottled brown jig, orange head, 2-pound line.

Wanted to get out and fish a couple more banks but only got to one.  At the Narrows, there's about 130 feet of gravel bank on the channel side.  I got out and fished the gray scud under a float with quite a bit of weight.  Caught another 10 rainbows there, mostly 14+ inchers.

Crazy catching day - I really love this flow too.













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So great to see this Phil. We just absolutely tore them up today also...just up river from you, the next island. The word that comes to mind to describe these trout lately is 'veracious'...they're just hammering things and they don't give up easy. 

I guess to offer some advice...we tore them up on two lures: 1/16 oz and 1/8 oz hot pink maribou jigs and 1/8oz gold flutter spoon.

What a great place to live. 



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1 hour ago, knuck said:

Phil I had to read the 1st sentence several times, just can't imagine you're the type of guy that would fish in his B-day suit........all kidding aside those are some colorful rainbows.

Steve in STL  

That's funny!

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1 hour ago, Rolan Duffield said:

Phil: Wish you could post some pictures of various parts of the Trophy area so we can see how it has changed when the water is low.


I wish I could too... but that water hasn't shut down plus you still can't see more than 3-4 feet down.  So I can't tell, not to mention taking any pictures of it.

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