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Current River on 2/19/16

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14 hours ago, joeD said:

No salmon in Missouri. But, if there was, but there's not, but if there was, but there's not, but if there was, but there's not...............,,,,...b.........the............n...,,,,, .....b...... ............... ...........n.................... Not......

The morality of trout fishing . And people who buy and wear expensive and use expensive gear are portrayed, as usual, neccesarily, as no nothing poseurs.  "Plain 'ol folks" condescension at its best.

Remember, no laws were broken. And the MDC doesn't care. 






   I don't know if I should feel insulted are not. A lot of people I know spend a lot of time and effort to become better at it and to learn as much as they can about trout Their lives and habits. What they eat and what is available to them a given time of year. They are concerned with water quality and conservation. I have known some that would call out a poacher and look them in the eye and demand they release the undersized, over the limit catch they had on their stringer. And I admire them for standing up to them for it.

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On March 16, 2016 at 0:42 PM, fishinwrench said:

I'm finding it a tad humorous that this one guy has just suddenly opened your eyes.  People have been snagging or "accidentally foul hooking"  big trout in clear water for as long as I can remember.  

Hell I've done it.  Alot of times they just sit there and let you bounce flys off their noses.  Stocker Trout are stupid, even the big ones.  If an Eagle swooped down and nailed one you'd think that was the coolest thing you ever seen....and you'd wanna see it again and again.   So really, what's the difference ?  Snagging one with a fly is harder than pouncing on one  from behind with a wicked set of meat hooks (talons).   Why the lack of animosity for eagles and ospreys ?   :)

You and me both Wrnch. Looks to me like the guy is a out of box thinker. Iwould imagine a lot of his success caomes from catching nippers. As far as advertising your spots I have posted on here that if I tell you a spot do not believe one word of it. All these exact reports are silly to me. I believe you shoulf find your own fish.



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