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Leaders for sinking line

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The thing about sinking line is that if your leader is too long and your fly isn't heavy enough, the line will get down, but not the fly.  I usually like to go no more than 3-5 feet on my leader, sometimes you can get away with as little as 18" from fly line to fly though. You can do what Jtram suggests or you can just tie on a straight piece of floro. It depends on what you're fishing for and the size of streamers that you're going to be throwing. If I'm smallmouth fishing on a creek, I usually just tie on a 3 ft piece of 3x. If it's the high water streamer bite on the white or norfork, then you might go 0 or 1X. 

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Have you ever toyed around with sinking/sink tip lines and big flies? make sure to duck! For what it's worth when I am throwing a sinking line I like unweighted flies much more than something weighted. If you are casting big wind resistant flies you'll want 10 or 12 to turn it over. anything less than that and your fly won't flip and will pretty much just collapse when you shoot. 

I just use a loop to loop connection like SIO3. 

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