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Hey all,

I have been lurking around these forums for a while and like a lot of the information.  I bass fish quite a bit, but my brother-in-law and I are planning on taking a day trip to Roaring River this weekend to try our hand at trout.  I did, however, have a few questions about some of the rules at Roaring River as I don't feel like getting yelled at.  Also, my brother in law is just 13, and I am really just looking for him to catch some fish and have a good time, so any info would be great.

First, I have read you may only have one pole, but I am assuming that means use one at a time.  I plan on walking around with a spinning rod in one hand and my fly rod in the other.

Second, I read where your stringer needs your name and address on it.  Is that only if you walk away from it?  Or is that necessary at all times?

Third, please define a 'fly'.  I my brother-in-law takes his spinning rod and throws a jig in Zone 2, is that close enough?

Finally, if we catch a limit and clean them, am I in the clear to continue fishing in the catch and release only portion of Zone 2?  

Thank you very much, and any other tips/tricks would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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To answer your questions:

You can carry multiple poles, just use one at a time.

I believe the stringer needs your name on it at all times.  Be careful about walking away, I was there a few weeks ago and there were reports of stolen stringers.

Besides the usual, a fly also includes marabou jigs and single hook Roostertails.  However, there can be no soft plastic on the jig.

After you keep 4, you are supposed to stop fishing and that includes the catch and release area. 

If the park is too crowded, the catch and release area is a great place to escape (wading is permitted).

As far as tips, get there early preferably at the opening bell.  The fish get smart real fast as the day goes on.  if you are there at the bell, spinners are very effective, but after 20-30 minutes the fish will ignore them so change baits quickly.  Generally use 1/8 or 1/16 ounce. At the bell spinner color does not matter, but I have had success changing from a dark color to a bright color after the fish are ignoring the first color.  if you want to throw spinners all day, try some different colored blades as that sometimes keeps them interested.    

There are lots of fish in every pool so if you don't get any hits, change baits or pools.

Black-yellow, olive and tan are good jig colors (many recommend white, but I have had little personal success with white).

if you fish in zone 1 consider using plastic trout worms as well as jigs.  Use a small split shot.  about 18 inches above.  The worms come in a many colors and I have caught fish on a wide variety of colors.  Some days the fish do have a clear color preference and you just have to experiment.  Historically, brighter colors (not bass colors) like orange, pink and bright green have been consistent producers, but 2 weeks ago tan and white worms were the best for me, so go figure.

Good luck and have fun with your brother in law.


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Hey, thank you very much for the advice.  We were successful!  He caught all day long on an orange and black rooster tail, ended up with about 12 fish.  I caught some on a F03 silver and black Rapala, then switched to the fly rod and had success on an olive and black wooly bugger.  We didn't ever have success on jigs or with PowerBait eggs or worms, so we switched back to what was working when we first arrived and continued to catch fish.  Thanks again for the advice, and we will probably head back soon.

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