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Rude fisherman

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I was fishing back in Spring Branch this morning, just got started and had caught one keeper smally when all of a sudden this guy about 35, all in black with the Ranger clothes, and in a big Ranger boat with a 250 on it, came roaring by and pulled in right in front of me, not more than 50 to 75 feet, right on the bank where I was fishing.  Pulled out his rods and started into fish, I think he had spotted a big fish there before and was trying to catch her, he was doing some flipping, but never did see him catch the fish.  Had a few words with him that were not pleasant, told him it was a really big lake and that surely he could find another place to fish rather that within 50 feet of me.  I think he was a pro because of the way he was dressed and the big black Ranger boat with twin poles on the back, I don't know if there is a practice session going on down there and a tournament tomorrow or not, don't keep up with that stuff.   Just wanted to let everyone know how this guy acted, I sure hope he had no luck at all.  If that is how all the pros fish, may they have motor trouble all the time.

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