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Lower end of the Big Niangua still a little funky

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Been hearing a lot of good reports all over the lake, but here on the lower end of the BN it's tough.  

This basket would be good if it was just a mornings catch, but these were from Friday night to Sunday morning.  Now these were the best ones.  10.5 - 13.5".  Did catch some smaller legals,  but in all honesty not too many more.   Can't tell you a pattern, as they were caught anywhere from a foot to 10 foot, dippin, shooting, casting.  

I went out Sunday afternoon and got skunked!  Wife caught a 13.5"er, but that was it.  

I think they're going to be close to a week away before it goes crazy down there.  Water temp was ranging from 59-62.





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We put in at PB2 After all the tourneys left and fished the glaize Saturday and ended with 23 between the 2 of us. Wow were there a lot of boats fishing, at least 2-3 boats in every pocket from PB2 to Fort L. area. I guess it was getting me ready for the BBB ?.  It was slow for us as well but I am no crappie guru either, just throwing 16th oz jigs tipped with John Deere green triple threat grub.

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