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My .2 cents...

Jig trailers are either one of 2 kinds, a "Get their attention" flapping type with a lot of movement, or a do nothing finesse type. They both work great under the right conditions. When the bite is off, they dont want all that flapping around. Another thing regarding the skirts, one of the best selling LOZ jigs (especially winter time) from what ive heard recently has been a very sparsely tied skirt with only about 16 strands.

How many jigs has a big bass seen in his life? to me they all look the same...try something a little different and fish slower and youll catch the biggest fish.

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Rap has it 5/16. -3/8 jig in a couple colors and 3 or 4 diferents trailers . Will give you a huge lift 

Wrench has  something that will cause your world to change . Although not for all.  A buzz bait is a rush and a half. Almost addiction material.      The meanest bass in the lake will try to take a buzz bait away from you almost every time 

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