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Do what you like, like what you do. The second part of that is more important in the long run.  

Rich - I offered my opinion on trout parks.  Did you not read the part where I said, " With that said, to each there own.  If that is your thing then you've got several parks to choose from. "  Folks

The are and will be plenty of both, although having been around the parks on holidays for many years I would much rather have someone who likes to smoke a joint in the evening and doesn't cause any pr

Ok, thanks for the free fishing weekend feedback.  Just a side note on this whole topic, typically you know what to expect fishing the parks on the weekend vs. the secluded streams in MO where you may see no one.  I don't expect to hit Bennett on the weekend and have long care free drifts with the fly rod, no kids in the water, and the odds are good if I'm catching fish someone is going to drop in with 10' of me and maybe even cast over my line.   Knowing what to expect is the majority of the battle with MO trout fishing.  This 'free weekend' is a new thing to me, but other than that I've pretty much seen all that has been discussed here first hand (other than that swimming thing in Zone 1...that is pretty odd).  Opening day at Bennett is much different than Crane Creek in the middle of winter.  Expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised if it is something different. 

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